Thursday, 29 November 2018

Why Zill Hajj is the Best Month for Muslim Ummah?

The blessed month of Zill Hajj is an honor for Muslim Ummah, yet its initial 10 days are especially uncommon, a period loaded up with remunerations, rewards, and sanctifications. Nowadays are viewed as revered for both those people going to Hajj and Umrah the individuals who are definitely not. The Last Messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that,

“There are no days in which virtuous actions are more adored to Allah the Almighty than these ten days.” The people questioned, “Not even Jihad for Allah’s sake?” He replied, “Not even Jihad for Allah’s sake, apart from in the case of a man who went out to fight giving himself and his prosperity up for the reason, and came back with nothing.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Special Things in the First Ten Days of Zill Hajj

Here are three major things that Muslims are emphatically urged to do among the initial 10 days of 

Dhul Hijjah, and the reward for it,

  • Increase your Dhikr e Allah

Recognition of Allah amid the first ten days of Zill Hajj. Requesting absolution, expanding petitions, Dua (supplication), and profound reflection is firmly energized amid this time.

  • Give Additional Sadaqa

Amid this time, each great deed is compensated multiple times. Your single deed is considered as double in terms of reward.

  • Keep Fasting

Muslims are encouraged to fast any time or the special on the initial 10 days Dhul al-Hijjah. Every day in these 10 days, Allah remunerates the Muslim who fasts as though they had fasted an entire year. Be that as it may, the individuals who fast on the 9th day (the Day of Arafat) will have their reward multiplied: fasting that day will bring a reward as though the Muslim fasted two years.

There are numerous ways to perform Hajj through Hajj Packages 2019 and Islamic Travel Uk is giving you this opportunity to complete your obligation with your family. We don't know which of us will be alive to see this month one year from now. Thusly, we should intensely and anxiously dedicate ourselves to a recognition of Allah now.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Prohibitions of Ihram During Hajj and Umrah

In the history of Islam, the first Umrah is performed by Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the morning of the 4th day of Zi Qadh 7 AH and it was three days long. After this time, the Sahaba 's performed the Umrah after the Madinah migration. Therefore, the person who accomplished the Umrah in the holy month of Zi Qadh rewarded as a major pilgrimage. Similarly, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed the Hajj once in his life and said that who are financially and physically strong, must perform Hajj. Therefore, the Muslims fully prepare before going to Umrah. They get the information about how to wearing an ihram, Cheap Umrah Packages 2019, Prohibitions of Ihram and much more. 

You don't have an exact date in the religion of Islam by which you have to perform Umrah in the holy land of Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia. The Muslims can perform Umrah at any time throughout the year with step by step info like Prohibitions of Ihram etc. There are 4 vital pillars of Umrah which are given below, 

  • Wearing the Ihram Dress 
  • Tawaf e Holy Kaaba 
  • Say'ee 
  • Shaving off hair 

Hajj and Umrah are performed in the House of Allah, the Holy Kaaba, but there are some restrictions on ihram or Prohibitions of Ihram. One thing notes that when you visit Madinah or Prophet's Masjid there is no need to wear ihram and Talbiyah. Now let us see the Prohibitions of Ihram in the time of Hajj and Umrah

Prohibitions of Ihram 

There are some Prohibitions of Ihram when the pilgrims perform the Umrah and Hajj in the House of Allah with Cheap Ramadan Umrah Package UK 2019. The Prohibitions of Ihram are given below, 

  • During Umrah Cutting Nails are not allowed 
  • Removing spare hair from any part of the body and Haircutting of the head 
  • Use of any perfumes on the body or on the ihram dress 
  • Just wearing the Ihram no Stitched Clothing is not allowed 
  • Flip-flops and sandals and must not be stitched 
  • Covering Face or Head is not allowed during the Hajj and Umrah, even women do not cover their faces 
  • Shooting of animals even of scoundrels 
  • Sexual activity is not allowed or considered as Prohibitions of Ihram 

So, I hope you people will understand the Prohibitions of Ihram during the Umrah and Hajj. We must follow these Prohibitions of ihram that Allah accepts our Umrah and Hajj.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

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Monday, 6 August 2018

Top Etiquettes While Reciting the Holy Book Quran

For the Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the Holy Book, Quran is an extremely Revered and Blessed Book of Allah Almighty. Before this Book, Allah revealed three others book on the different prophets in different eras. But, the Holy Quran is a fourth and final Book of Allah. The Final Blissful Manuscript that was exposed to the Last Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) over the period of twenty-three years. Allah Says that,

Undeniably, it is We, Who sent down the Holy Quran (Sacred Book) and certainly, We will be its caretaker. (Holy Quran: 15:9)

It holds division in itself from all books of rest of the world in being the printed by Allah Himself. Most of the people desire to recite the Holy Quran in the House of Allah. They prefer Hajj and Umrah season with Cheap December Umrah Packages Offer with Group from London to complete their dream. Since Allah Almighty is Himself the Planner of these Virtuous Commands, therefore, its narration needs assuming a great deal of Adab (Manners) from us Muslims. Now let us some Top Etiquettes While Reciting the Holy Book Quran here,

Top Etiquettes for Holy Quran 

  • Being in State of Spotlessness and Wudu 
  • Sitting in An Upright Place and Humble Manner
  • Placing the Holy Quran On A Clean Material 
  • Holding in Right Hand, the Sacred Book Quran 
  • Before Starting Recitation Reading “Tauz” And “Tasmia” 
  • “Tajweed” Rules, Accomplishment 
  • With A Slow pace, Reciting the Holy Narration 
  • Satisfying All Rights of Holy Quran 
  • Evading from Talking While Narrating This Quran Book 
  • Worshiping Allah Almighty having Done Holy Quran 

Allah Says that in this Holy Book,

  • “Undeniably, it is a noble Quran (Holy Book). In a Register well-guarded; None touch it apart from the cleansed.” (Holy Quran: 56: 77-79) 

Similarly, Allah’s Last Messenger (PBUH) said that,

  • “The Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) practiced his right hand in, put on the scent, in eating, and used his left hand in the lavatory or when get rid of any harm.” (Abu Dawood) 
  • “He is not one of us who doesn’t make his speech stunning with the Holy Quran.” (Bukhari and Muslim) 

So, follow these manners and etiquettes while reciting the Holy Book, Quran. May Allah accept our good deeds. Ameen!

Improving Concentration While Offering the Prayers

There is no doubt, prayers change the fate of a person and it’s a necessary and integral component of the Islamic faith. It is mandatory upon every Muslim man and woman to say supplications frequently five times a day. They signify the submissiveness to Allah the Almighty by prostrating in front of Him frequently. Therefore, the rank and worth of prayers can’t be denied in the religion Islam. Most of Muslims have a dream to offer the prayers in the House of Allah. They move towards Saudi Arabia with Luxury December Umrah Packages Providers 2018 for Families to accomplish Umrah.

Now, we will mainly discuss the major fundamentals of offering prayer and how to improving the concentration during the prayer.

Prayers, Holy Quran, and Hadiths 

Allah Almighty has mentioned about Salah several times in the Holy Quran. Similarly, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) also spoke about Salah again and again. According to Hadith,

  • “The prayer of one without purification is negated….” (Tirmidhi) 
  • “Verily all activities are only for purposes.” (Al Bukhari) 
  • “The pen (which records one’s deeds) is raised from the account of a person in the following three situations: a sleeper until he awakes, a child until he matures (reaches the age of puberty) and insane until he regains sanity.” (Dawood) 
  • “When you stand for prayer face the qibla, make takbir, absolute adoration and admiration for Allah, recite the Mother of the Book (Surah Al Fatiha) …” (Bukhari) 
  • “The nastiest type of burglar is the one who steals from his prayer by not doing rukoo and sujood appropriately.” (Sahih Al Jaami) 

Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

“O offspring of Adam! Take your ornamentation at every Masjid….” (Holy Quran: 7:31)

Improving Concentration

Everyone is worried about how to improve the concentration during Salah. The biggest issue nowadays rubbish thinking comes to people’s mind during Salah. See some tips here,

  • Guard Your Thoughts During the Entire Day 
  • Recall A Blessed Places like Holy Kaaba 
  • Start Preparing Yourself for Wudu 
  • Learn the Meanings of Salah 

So, follow these instructions to improve your concentration during Namaz. The Quranic verse and Hadiths show the significance of Salah.

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Reasons of Downfall of the Islamic Nation

In the electronic world, where the White people ruling the world but, the fact is that everywhere is inequality, poverty, corruption, economic crisis, abusing with children and women etc. This time is very life-threatening for the Muslim nation. No one is safe in the modern world. This condition is a quite similar to pre-Islamic period and all above-mentioned things were present at that time too.

But, After the arrival of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) the world changed and people became civilized. They selected the right path of Allah. But, what happened, Muslims lost their dignity, respect, and status in the front of the entire world? Now, let us see the reasons below,

Have no Faith in Allah and Prophet (PBUH)
Deficiency of Unity in the Muslim Nation
Trusting Rumors and False Theories 
The Gluttony of Power and Money
Away from the Right Path of Allah
Deficiency of Islamic Information
High Percentage of Illiteracy
Lack of Vision and Direction
Partitions and Separations
Running for Riches

Deficiency of Islamic Information 

The main reason for the Muslims downfall is that they forget the teachings of Islam or lack of Islamic information. They could not maintain their status because they felt they are superior and king of the world.

The big example for us is the Mughal Empire, the kings of this empire were totally forgotten the teachings of Islam and did Haram deeds such as drinking Alcohol, slept with women, follow the Hindu religion etc. And finally, white people ruled over them and took their libraries to their countries. These books were considered gold for them.

Deficiency of Unity in the Muslim Nation

The other main factor is the lack of unity among the Muslims. They are fighting with each other and left the string of Sunnah and Quran. They made the different divisions in the same societies and forgot the Islamic teachings which taught us lived with brotherhood and never fight with each other.
But, nowadays, Muslims communities are ununited and they want just power and money. But, you saw the result such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc. The need at present is that become unite and show the power of the Muslims.

But, it is possible in the case, you must follow the Sunnah and Quran. These two powers are the strength of the Muslim nation ever. As we together on the occasion of Hajj and show the unity, we need this type of spirit to show the West how powerful Muslims. But, first fulfill your religious duties such as Salah, Zakat and if you can afford then perform Hajj and Umrah with Family Ramadan Umrah With Flight.