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Important Events After Revelation of the Prophet's (PBUH) Life

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was an extremely notable character between the Qureshi tribes right from His early age. On the 12th Rabi-UL-Awwal, in 570 A.D. over the 1400 years ago, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born to a well-respected family of Banu Hashem which was the famous tribe of Quraysh those days. He was well known for His honesty and reliability. He was finally exposed as the Last and Final Messenger of Allah at the age of 40 due to His countless intrinsic worth. 

The whole life of His is an admirable character for every human being on this world. But, His father Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) has died few months before of His birth. A few months later His mother also died then you lived with his grandfather. Must visit these places where He born and became reformist 4 Star Family December Umrah Packages from London along with your friends and family. 

Characteristics of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) 

I think everyone knows about the characteristics of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) even non-Muslim give the example of their nation. See the list of His features, are given below, 

• Trustworthy and Truthful 
• Uniting the Tribes during the renovation of Kaaba 
• Most Caring, Fair, and Righteousness Person 
• Considerate the Workers’ Rights 
• Preserving the Animal Rights 
• Giving Women Rights 

Now, we discuss the important incidents of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which are given below, 

Journey of Holy Prophet (PBUH) towards Ta’if 

In 619 A.D. after the death of His uncle Abu Talib and it was difficult to live there then Holy Prophet (PBUH) decided to move towards Ta’if, the valley known for its beauty. The people of this city also worship the idols and they did the same thing as the people of Makkah when Holy Prophet (PBUH) told about Islam, they chuckled at Him and instructed the kids, throw gravels at Him, He (PBUH) was injured severely. But, He did not take help of Hazrat Jibril (A.S). 

Miraj Incident 

In 620 A.D. one-night Hazrat Jibril (A.S) came down when He was asleep and took Him on the voyage of Miraj on Buraq. Allah Says in Quran, 

“Glorious is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa, whose environs We have sacred, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing. [Quran, 17:1]

 Ansar and Muhajireen Migration and agreements 

 After faced too many difficulties, in 622 A.D, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ordered that migrate towards Madinah from Makkah. Where he built the Masjid E Nabvi and local people known as Ansar and migrated people known as Muhajireen. This is the great example of Muslim Brotherhood. 

Makkah Battle 

After the broken down of Hudaibya contract, the people of Banu Khuza’a who were victims and asked for the help of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and told Him, the cruel attack of Banu Bakr. Then Muslims were ordered for battle against Kafir’s. But, after ultimate success, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) decided not to take retaliation from non-believers in 630 A.D. 

There are much more important incidents in the era of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and you must see these holy places with 4 Star Family Umrah Tour 2018 Packages and get the blessings of Allah.

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